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Inhalt der Website: Welcome to the museum of nature in Chur. The website shows what can be discovered and experienced in the museum. Be surprised! The "Bündner Naturmuseum" is a centre of information on natural science. Its various activities present the nature and the characteristics of the canton Grisons to the broad public. It thus contributes to the environmental education and to the sustainable use of resources. It also aims at explaining common phenomena like formation of mountains or evolution. A major aspect of the activities is documenting the nature of the Grisons and its changes. The rich collections and its own research suit this purpose.

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Museum of nature · Masanserstr. 31 · CH-7000 Chur / Switzerland · Tel.: +41 (0)81 257 28 41 · e-mail

Our URL: http://www.naturmuseum.gr.ch
  |   Opening hours: Thu - Sun: 10:00 - 17:00 h; closed on mondays.

Minerals and Geology

native gold in Switzerland


The most impressive minerals that were found in Grisons are presented in spacious show-cases. There is enough space to display the fascinating forms and colours of the various minerals. Micro minerals can be viewed and determined through binoculars. The visitor will be fascinated by the special show-cases of gemstones and micro minerals of Grisons. The most important discovery of native gold in Switzerland also has its special place.


exhibition on geology


The comprehensive exhibition on geology focuses on the formation of the Alps. In an generally understandable way it is shown how the various rocks emerged.

Free-standing rocks and a model of the “Berninagruppe” bring additional optical impulses to the exhibition. Visitors are offered workstations where they can determine rocks and where they also find geological literature and maps.


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